Pellegrini Signs Lex Assassination Attempt

10. júla 2024 13:23
Bratislava, July 10 (TASR) - President Peter Pellegrini on Wednesday signed a Parliament-approved package of measures aimed at improving the security situation in Slovakia following the assassination attempt on Premier Robert Fico in May, also known as Lex Assassination Attempt. The package introduces new grounds for banning public gatherings. Assemblies will now be prohibited if they should be held near the home of an individual whose job is directly related to the purpose of the assembly and the organiser of the event doesn't agree to a change of venue. It will also be prohibited to assemble in areas predominantly used for residential purposes, excluding squares, parks, market places and other similar places, so that gatherings don't interfere with the right to privacy of a large number of people. The ban will also apply within a 50-metre radius of the Presidential Palace, the Government Office and courts. Meanwhile, the president, parliamentary chair and prime minister will be granted the right to "reasonably equipped real estate". Prime ministers and parliamentary chairs who will be in office for twice as long as the president's term of office will be entitled to a lifetime salary. Protection will also be granted to all leaders of parliamentary parties, as long as they are MPs and are not granted protection on the grounds of exercising another state function. The prosecutor-general and chair of the Constitutional Court will also be granted increased protection. The legislation will enter into force on July 15. zel/mcs
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