SUMMARY - Thursday, June 20, 2024 - 9.30 p.m.

20. júna 2024 21:37
Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - The existing Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS) will transform into the Slovak Television and Radio (STVR), with its director to be elected by a 9-member council staffed by four nominees of the Culture Ministry and the remaining five by Parliament, it follows from the bill on STVR passed by Parliament on Thursday. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - The Government and the Culture Ministry employ constitutional ways to ensure plurality and public character of the public broadcaster, Culture Minister Martina Simkovicova (SNS nominee) stated at the end of parliamentary debate on the Slovak Television and Radio (STVR) bill on Thursday. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - The term of office for the general director of the new public broadcaster Slovak Television and Radio (STVR) should be extended from five to six years, MP Lubica Lassakova (Voice-SD) proposed in her amending proposal attached to the STVR bill on Thursday. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - Lawmakers representing the coalition of 'Slovakia'-For the People-KU parties won't participate in the vote on the Slovak Television and Radio (STVR) bill, as they don't want to take any part in the liquidation of the current public Radio and Television Slovakia (RTVS), TASR learnt from 'Slovakia' party spokesperson Matus Bystriansky on Thursday. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - Slovakia is lacking clear parameters based on which a pandemic could be identified, thinks Government Proxy for the Investigation into COVID-19 Pandemic Management Peter Kotlar. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - President Peter Pellegrini noted on Thursday on Facebook that March 6 in Slovakia marks the Day of the Victims of the COVID-19 Pandemic, stressing that he approaches the memorial day as such. Bratislava, June 20 (TASR) - Slovakia and the European Space Agency (ESA) have concluded an agreement on mutual exchange and protection of classified information, the National Security Bureau (NBU) reported on its website on Thursday. Notice: If you click on the link or copy it into the search window, the browser will display the full text of the message in the new e-TASR client zone. If you have any questions, please contact mf
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