SaS: Opposition Might Come Up with Its Own Candidate for House Chair

11. júna 2024 16:50
Bratislava, June 11 (TASR) - The opposition Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party criticises the governing coalition for delaying the election of the parliamentary chair. SaS leader and MP Branislav Groehling at a news conference on Tuesday didn't rule out that if the election doesn't take place at the ongoing House session, they will approach the opposition partners and propose their own candidate. "It's two months after the presidential election and the coalition is sending a message to the citizens that it doesn't care about the proper functioning of constitutional institutions in Slovakia at all," noted Groehling. In connection with the ongoing session, the SaS leader also pointed to several proposals sponsored by SaS, such as a proposal to reduce excise tax and VAT on petrol and diesel, to ensure the constitutional protection of the second [capitalisation] pension pillar and to help small companies with social-insurance levies. Groehling said that they haven't seen the so-called Lex Assassination Attempt yet. He admitted the party might back it if it is to improve the safety and security of people in Slovakia. ko/mcs
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