KDH Urges Coalition to Elect New House Chair Without Delay

11. júna 2024 15:30
Bratislava, June 11 (TASR) - The opposition Christian Democrats (KDH) urged the governing coalition on Tuesday to select and elect the new House chair without delay and if it won't do so, KDH is prepared to initiate an emergency session of the Parliament, KDH chair Milan Majersky announced at a press conference on the same day. "The House vice-chair in acting capacity does not hold the full complement of constitutional powers as those wielded by the House chair," warned Majersky and added that a replacement for Peter Pellegrini, who has won the 2024 presidential race, must be elected promptly. Majersky perceives in negative light the fact that the coalition might plan to elect the new head of Parliament as late as after the summer. Viliam Karas of KDH underlined the need to have state institutions operating properly. "If an institution doesn't have its captain, it doesn't know in which direction to sail," he said, pointing out that the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) also lacks a proper director at its helm. mf/mcs
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