Transport Ministry Tasked to Prepare Law on Regulation of Space Activities

21. apríla 2024 15:27
Bratislava, April 21 (TASR) - The government decided at its session this week that the Transport Ministry will prepare a draft law on the regulation of space activities as the space activities carried out under the flag of the Slovak Republic are currently not regulated by any legislation. The bill is to be prepared by the Transport Ministry by September 30, 2024. "The need to regulate the legal relations related to the performance of space activities has now increased due to the fact that Slovakia has also started activities to which the obligations related to space activities, as defined by the UN conventions, are linked," the ministry said in the submission report. Slovakia is a party to four of the five United Nations (UN) Conventions, which form the global legal framework for the conduct of activities in outer space. According to the Transport Ministry, the conventions entail certain obligations that require the creation of a more detailed legal framework at the national level. "These are mainly obligations related to the registration of space objects and liability for damage caused by launched space objects," said the Transport Ministry, adding that on the basis of the legislative plan approved by the government, they will prepare a draft law on the regulation of space activities. am/mcs
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