Premier: Important for Slovakia That Aid for Ukraine Is Bilateral Matter

17. apríla 2024 11:53
Bratislava, April 17 (TASR) - The most important thing for Slovakia at the upcoming extraordinary European Council summit is to guarantee that military aid to Ukraine is a bilateral matter, Prime Minister Robert Fico (Smer-SD) said on Wednesday at a meeting of the parliamentary committee for European affairs, adding that he doesn't expect any surprises at the summit. The premier noted that the summit, which will take place on April 17-18, will focus primarily on the single market and competitiveness, but also on the situation in the Middle East and Ukraine. For Slovakia, the double quality of food will be an important topic, which, according to the prime minister, should be highlighted. "We see no reason for Slovak citizens to be second-class citizens," stressed Fico. The premier also particularly welcomes the idea of how to help industry and the economy in the European Union in contrast to climate change targets "The green deal is unsustainable. We all know that," said Fico, adding that he will support all sensible steps that will limit what he saw as meaningless climate targets. In the context of Ukraine, the summit will also discuss the delivery of air-defence systems. The prime minister pointed out that Slovakia has nothing more to give to Ukraine, criticising the previous government for providing Ukraine with the S-300 system. He stated that he would never have have done so. However, if provisions are put forward at the summit which say that such support is a bilateral matter, Fico won't attack them. The head of the cabinet also mentioned the joint meeting of the Slovak and Ukrainian governments, pointing to the various forms of assistance that Slovakia is providing to Ukraine, for example, assistance with mine clearing. At the same time, however, he reiterated that the conflict in Ukraine doesn't have a military solution in his view. am/mcs
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