Sasko: Energy Security and Gas Supplies Issues of Top Importance for Slovakia

4. marca 2024 21:05
Brussels/Bratislava, March 4 (TASR-correspondent) - Energy security and stability of gas supplies are issues of paramount important for Slovakia, Economy Ministry state secretary Kamil Sasko (Voice-SD) stated after a session of the EU's Economic and Financial Affairs Council on Monday, TASR learnt from its special correspondent in Brussels on the same day. "If the contract on the gas transport between Ukraine and Russia gets terminated, what's absolutely crucial for us is how we [EU] would react together to such a scneario," said Sasko, pointing out that the contract between the two countries will expire at the end of 2024. The European Commission urged EU members to fill their gas reservoirs without delay. Sasko detailed that Slovakia has them filled up to 70 percent thus far. "It's an important issue, which is also why we need to make sure the gas keeps flowing and this must be accompanied also by the diversification of supply routes and additional cuts to consumption, but I think we as a country have done quite enough in that regard," said Sasko. In case Ukraine and Russia won't arrive at an agreement on gas transports, Sasko claimed that there are more scenarios under consideration and added that Slovakia has been addressing the situation actively for some time. mf
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