Slovakia Sending 16 Ambulances to Ukraine

22. decembra 2023 15:15
Bratislava, December 22 (TASR) - Slovakia is sending 16 ambulances to Ukraine, TASR has learnt from the Health Ministry's communications department. The ambulances have become superfluous to the Bratislava-based Emergency Medical Service (ZZS). Spis Catholic Charity will deliver them to Ukraine. "There has been a war for almost two years just a few metres from our borders, and the government wants to help in this situation," stated Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova (Voice-SD), adding that the ambulances are ready to provide humanitarian care. The ambulances are fully equipped. "They were providing services to Slovak citizens until recently. The acquisition of new vehicles has enabled us to declare the 16 ambulances superfluous assets of ZZS Bratislava and, in cooperation with the ministry, we've found a way for them to be used for the needs of our war-torn neighbour," stated ZZS Bratislava director Robert Nadasky. ko/df
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