Raz: We'll Intensify Lorry Driver Checks Across-the-board (2)

5. decembra 2023 20:33
Bratislava, December 5 (TASR) - The Government will intensify its across-the-board lorry driver checks in response to protests over the scrapping of permits for Ukrainian road hauliers, Transport Minister Jozef Raz Jr. (Smer-SD nominee) announced in his social network post on Tuesday. "We'll monitor the compliance with rules during both the transport of goods and waiting in backed-up traffic at border crossings," posted Raz. "At the talks in Brussels, all complaints by our road hauliers were voiced. We joined Poland in presenting their reservations and received support from Hungary, Latvia and Lithuania, but countries of the western Europe don't perceive the current state of affairs as a problem. That's why they took a negative stance on our request to reintroduce licenses. If, however, someone calls the outcome of these negotiations a failure, we strongly disagree," added Raz. "We continue actively seeking solutions to promote interests of our road hauliers that will also double as stances of our European partners. We will bring up this issue consistently at talks with the European Commission or representatives of individual countries," said Raz. Earlier in the day, the UNAS road hauliers union interrupted its partial blockade of the Vysne Nemecke-Uzhhorod border crossing and declared that it will stay on strike alert. UNAS disagrees with the scrapping of licences for Ukrainian road carriers in the EU and has joined the protest of its Polish counterparts at the borders with Ukraine. mf
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