Matovic: Some €200 million Still Missing to Fulfil Promise to Pensioners

21. novembra 2023 17:42
Bratislava, November 21 (TASR) - Even after the increase of this year's extraordinary contribution for pensioners from €150 to €300, some €200 million are still missing to fulfil the Voice-SD party's election promise of a full 13th pension, 'Slovakia' party leader Igor Matovic told a news conference held at parliament on Tuesday. Matovic said that Voice-SD representatives, including Peter Pellegrini and Erik Tomas, before the election promised an additional €640 to pensioners as soon as this year. "Now they want to blindfold them and their debt towards pensioners will be at least €40, but also €200 in some cases. Election promises should be fulfilled, and when they managed to find €200 million for them twice, they should also give them those last €200 million," stated Matovic. The opposition MP again criticised the government's proposal to weaken the parental pension scheme, introduced by the previous government. Instead of via levies, they should come from the assigned part of their children's income tax, which would mean their reduction. A part of the money for 13th pensions should be obtained in this way. "If they really want to scrap the parental pension, we will collect signatures to declare a referendum and we will make the people come to ballot boxes," he said. The coalition Voice-SD party is pushing for a full 13th pension. Its representatives on Tuesday reiterated that for technical reasons this won't be paid out this year but next year. Therefore, the labour minister submitted and the government approved a one-off contribution amounting to €150 that should be paid this year. Parliament should deal with the proposal at the ongoing session via fast-track proceedings. Meanwhile, the amount of the contribution should be increased to €300. ko/mcs
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