SUMMARY - Wednesday, September 27, 2023 - 5 p.m.

27. septembra 2023 17:00
BRATISLAVA - If Slovakia continues drawing EU funds from the previous programme period at the current rate, there's a risk of failure to use some €100 million of them, said caretaker Premier Ludovit Odor following the Cabinet session on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - Had a general election taken place in late September, it would have been won by Progressive Slovakia (PS) on 18 percent of the votes, followed by Smer-SD on 17.7 percent and Voice-SD on 15 percent, a poll carried out by AKO agency on behalf of television channel JOJ24 has shown. BRATISLAVA - Had a general election taken place on Monday and Tuesday, it would have been won by Smer-SD on 19.8 percent of the votes, a survey carried out by Median agency on behalf of public broadcaster RTVS has shown. BRATISLAVA - Ludovit Odor's cabinet is ready to manage the country until a new stable government is established based on the election results, caretaker prime minister stated following the government meeting on Wednesday in connection with a possible post-election stalemate. BRATISLAVA - All those accused in the police operation codenamed 'Virus' have filed complaints against the resolution on their charges, TASR was told by the Police Corps Presidium's communications department on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - The police apprehended two attorneys A.F. and P.J. [names abbreviated due to legal reasons] and doctor M.L., charged with corruption, as part of an operation nicknamed Corrumpere 2, TASR learnt from a police post on a social network. BRATISLAVA - Slovakia will face shortages of labour in all sectors of the economy in the future if the issue is not addressed proactively, according to Economy Ministry-sponsored documents that were discussed by the government on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - Nobody is considering closing their borders - whether it's between Slovakia and Poland or between Germany and the Czech Republic - at the moment, said caretaker Premier Ludovit Odor following the Cabinet session on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - In the upcoming parliamentary election, voters should support parties that know how to implement their programmes and not those that make people angry, said Parliamentary Chair and 'We Are Family' leader Boris Kollar on Wednesday, claiming that his party was able to fulfil its programme in the past electoral term. BRATISLAVA - Slovakia can only win if there are democratic parties in Parliament that can form a democratic government, representatives of the Democrats party said at a press conference on Wednesday, inviting people to come and vote on Saturday (September 30). BRATISLAVA - The National Action Plan for Combating Terrorism between 2019-2022 contained 28 tasks, of which 24 have been met and four partially met, with the plan focusing mainly on preventing terrorist threats by creating optimal conditions, especially in the area of prevention, detection and investigation of criminal acts of terrorism, according to a report that the government took note of on Wednesday. am
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