SE Increases Output of Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant's Third Block to 100% (2)

25. septembra 2023 17:26
Bratislava, September 25 (TASR) - About a year after loading in the first fuel cartridge, power utility Slovenske elektrarne (SE) increased output of the third reactor block of the Mochovce nuclear power plant (NPP) to 100 percent of its nominal value, which is 471 megawatts (MW), SE spokesperson Olga Bakova told a news conference on Monday. "It's a historic moment for SE, as well as for the whole country. I congratulate and thank all colleagues, suppliers, supervisory and partner institutions who did their utmost to reach this important milestone and make electricity production in Slovakia even greener for us and for future generations - at least for the next 60 years," said SE general director Branislav Strycek. At this output, the power plants will carry out final energy start-up tests, which will be followed by a 144-hour proof run. "Tests at full power output, including a 144-hour proof run, are scheduled for the turn of September and October. All the tests so-far have confirmed the readiness of the new unit for long-term safe generation of electricity without CO2 emissions," added Mochovce NPP operation manager Peter Farkas. SE loaded the first fuel cartridge into the reactor on September 9, 2022 and started the fission reaction on October 23, 2022. The reactor block started to supply the first energy to the network at the beginning of this year. The construction of Mochovce's third block was launched in 1987. After a long interruption of work, SE started to complete Mochovce in November 2008. The new block at Mochovce boasts an installed output of 471 MW, which will cover about 13 percent of all electricity consumption in Slovakia. Thanks to this, the country has become self-sufficient in terms of electricity generation as early as this year. The service life of the new block is planned for at least 60 years. The cost of Mochovce's completion was much higher than originally projected. While SE at first expected the cost to be less than €3 billion, the final price will exceed €6 billion. The fourth reactor block of Mochovce NPP might be put in operation in 2024. The state controls 34 percent of Slovenske Elektrarne. ko/mcs
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