SUMMARY - Tuesday, September 19, 2023 - 10 p.m.

19. septembra 2023 22:00
BRATISLAVA - Political parties welcome the national embargo on Ukrainian grain imports, approved by the Slovak Government as of September 16, it follows from responses of Slovak politicians to the fact that Kiev plans to sue Slovakia, Poland and Hungary over the three countries' refusal to end the ban on Ukrainian agricultural imports. BRATISLAVA - The majority of employees working at the Poprad-Tatry Airport will go on strike alert as of Wednesday, September 20, head of local labour unions Michal Pavela announced after his meeting with Transport Minister Pavel Lancaric on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - The Judicial Council elected Radoslav Prochazka and Zuzana Vikarska as candidates for the post of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) judges, with a third candidate to be selected within 60 days, TASR learnt on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - Slovakia signed a contract with the SE power utility on the supply of electricity for households at €61.20 per megawatt hour (Mhw), Prime Minister Ludovit Odor announced at a press conference, in the company with Economy Minister Peter Dovhun and SE general director Branislav Strycek, on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - OLANO party hopes that the investigation into the 'Virus' case, concerning suspicions of overpriced tenders in the Military Intelligence, will be completed to a successful end, former defence minister Lubomir Galko (2010-11), who is running in the election on the OLANO party slate, declared at a press conference on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - When secret services are in the wrong hands, they pose a security risk for Slovakia, chairman of the Progressive Slovakia (PS) party Michal Simecka stated in response to the indictment of two former heads of the Military Intelligence on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - A police operation nicknamed Virus demonstrates how Slovakia used to be misgoverned and might easily become misgoverned again after the parliamentary election, when the Slovak Intelligence Service (SIS) and Military Intelligence were corrupted and misused by the political power, MP Juraj Krupa (SaS) stated in response to the indictment against two former heads of the Military Intelligence on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - The aim of the Special Prosecutor's Office and National Criminal Agency (NAKA) is to interfere with the election campaign and damage the opposition, Smer-SD chair Robert Fico declared in response to the indictment of two former Military Intelligence directors on Tuesday. mf
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