Political Parties Approve Ban on Ukrainian Grain Imports

19. septembra 2023 21:48
Bratislava, September 19 (TASR) - Political parties welcome the national embargo on Ukrainian grain imports, approved by the Slovak government as of September 16, according to the responses of Slovak politicians to the fact that Kiev plans to sue Slovakia, Poland and Hungary over the three countries' refusal to end the ban on Ukrainian agricultural imports. 'We Are Family' supports the government's position and wants the unilateral ban to stay in place until a joint European solution is found. "It is with great surprise that we learnt of Ukraine's decision to sue Poland, Hungary and Slovakia over their ban on Ukrainian grain imports. It is a great surprise that Ukraine intends to sue Slovakia, a country which, in terms of aid to GDP ratio, belongs among Ukraine's top helpers among the EU," added the party. Progressive Slovakia (PS) also stands behind the Slovak government's decision. "If a different decision had been passed, it would have damaged the interests of our food producers and farmers. In the situation when it became clear that the exemption will expire and both Hungary and Poland already approved their unilateral bans, our government was essentially left with no other choice," stated Alena Kuisova of the PS press department. "As a sovereign and confident country, Slovakia must be capable of defending its interests that might not always necessarily be congruent with stances of other EU member states. On the other hand, it must be added that unilateral steps should be the result of a well-justified exemption and not a rule, as seen with, for instance, (Hungarian Prime Minister) Viktor Orban. The aim of PS is to have a Slovakia that is respected abroad and capable of promoting its interests constructively, in cooperation with others," underlined Kuisova. According to Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini, Ukraine can try to sue Slovakia for its ban on grain imports. "Ukrainians have already threatened us a few times with steps that would damage our country. It's a baffling behaviour from someone who, on one hand, praises us and thanks us for our help, and yet on the other side wants to sue us," added Pellegrini. mf/mcs
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