Smer Presents Foreign Policy Priorities and Stances

12. septembra 2023 13:00
Bratislava, September 12 (TASR) - The Smer-SD party considers Slovakia's membership of the EU important, but it reserves its right to promote critical views and opinions on the functioning of the Union and its institutions, said Smer head Robert Fico at a press conference on Tuesday. At the conference, the party presented its foreign policy priorities if it forms part of the next government. Smer considers the main objective to be the protection of Slovakia's national interests. Fico said on this note that he wants to coordinate fundamental foreign policy positions with EU and NATO partners. "The EU and NATO form our living space," he remarked, adding, however, that not everything "from Brussels and Washington" is fair and correct. Smer refuses to coordinate with EU and NATO partners if Slovakia's interests are jeopardised, claimed Fico. For instance, Smer-SD considers attempts to take away the right of veto of EU-member states on fundamental issues as such. The party also disagrees with the EU's sanctions policy, which, according to it, threatens and damages Slovakia's economic interests and standard of living. Nor does it support environmental and climate protection objectives that would threaten the competitiveness of national economies and the EU economy as a whole. Furthermore, Fico said that Smer wants to build on its previous tenures in government and in this vein continue cooperation with China, Vietnam, Cuba and other countries outside the EU and NATO, if they are interested. On this note, Fico also mentioned a need to restore ties with Russia. "The war in Ukraine will end at some point. Our duty will be to standardise relations with the Russian Federation. It cannot be separated from the world by some tin fence," said Fico, adding that the EU and Russia need each other. He claimed that Smer is ready to help Ukraine "in humanitarian terms and otherwise". Moreover, Fico said that Smer is opposed to proposals imposing an obligation on EU-member states to accept illegal migrants or sanctions for refusing to do so. It is against the use of military force without an international mandate and in violation of international law to resolve conflicts. It opposes increasing defence spending above 2 per cent of Slovakia's GDP. Neither does it want to be bound by the commitments made by the incumbent caretaker government in the purchase of arms. Last but not least, it wants to review the Defence Cooperation Agreement with the USA. The party rejects the prolongation of the military conflict in Ukraine, does not want to support Ukraine militarily and wants to push for an immediate ceasefire and peace negotiations. Fico announced that as long as he is prime minister, he will raise this demand at every European Council meeting. Smer-SD would also veto Ukraine's potential membership of NATO. The party also wants to work towards restoring mutually beneficial cooperation between the Visegrad Four countries. zel/df
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