STS: Ex-judge Repakova from Operation Storm Receives Suspended Sentence

24. februára 2023 10:35
Pezinok, February 24 (TASR) - Former judge of Bratislava I District Court Miriam Repakova, who was detained as part of Operation Storm, has received a two-year prison sentence suspended for three years for the crime of distorting the law. A judge of Pezinok-based Specialised Criminal Court (STS) made the decision on Friday, when she approved a plea bargain concluded between Repakova and a prosecutor of the Special Prosecutor's Office (USP). The verdict is final. In addition to the suspended sentence, Repakova was also banned from the bench for four years. The former judge was detained along with 12 other judges in March 2020. She was prosecuted for her decision-making on the ownership of shares in the Technopol Servis case. The media reported that Repakova was engaged in communication with entrepreneur Marian K. The prosecutor came to the conclusion that her actions in the case weren't based on facts but on a request from Marian K. and the recommendation of ex-judge Vladimir S. ko/df
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