President Sees No Reason to Attend Government Meetings for Time Being

24. januára 2023 19:55
Bratislava, January 24 (TASR) - President Zuzana Caputova doesn't yet see a reason to attend sessions of the interim government, explaining that the decision-making process on the points which she should comment on due to the limited powers of the cabinet, takes place before the government meets. "The approval or disagreement that I give to the government must be carried out in advance. I'm acquainted in advance with the documents and the points on which I should comment. I'll either agree or disagree with them, and then the government will just process it," she stated. The temporary government should continue until an early election in the mode that began in December with its ouster. "It isn't ideal, it's a government that is dismissed, and from the nature of the matter it follows that its powers are limited. This is also the reason why I spoke about the need for a snap election in June," pointed out the president, noting that it can't exercise some powers at all, and some powers can be exercised only with her consent. am/mcs
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