Both Employers and Trade Unionists Welcome Aid for Energy-intensive Companies

7. novembra 2022 17:05
Bratislava, November 7 (TASR) - Both employer and trade union associations on Monday expressed their appreciation for the fact that the Social and Economic Council has agreed on aid for energy-intensive businesses. "We appreciate the agreement that was reached today, it did not look like that there would be any agreement last Friday," said Association of Employers' Unions (AZZZ) vice-chair Rastislav Machunka. In his opinion, the partial levelling of conditions for large enterprises on the single European market will create a prerequisite for the functioning of the entire economy. Meanwhile, head of the Industrial Unions and Transport Association (APZD) Alexej Beljajev claimed that the negotiations on aid for energy-intensive companies were difficult, but now that it's been approved the focus must shift to aid for companies in 2023. Although it is unclear how the prices of energy will develop further, Beljajev said it is important for employers to rely on solutions that are compatible with those adopted in other European countries. In his opinion, this means that Slovak companies shouldn't be at a disadvantage compared to companies in other countries if energy prices are capped. According to Beljajev, the Slovak Government is ready to correct to adjust the aid scheme if, for instance, Germany caps energy prices at a significantly lower level than Slovakia. The Social and Economic Council on Monday agreed on aid for energy-intensive businesses in light of increased energy prices. The aid scheme is set to concern approximately 50,000 employees and amount to €40 million in 2022. zel/mcs
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