Census: 2.5 mn Working People in Slovakia, Including 309,000 Pensioners

6. augusta 2022 16:02
Bratislava, August 6 (TASR) - Of the 5,449,270 people living in Slovakia, 2,172,228 are working, while an additional 309,310 are working pensioners, according to extended data from the 2021 census published by the Statistics Office on the scitanie.sk website. The statistical data on economic activities point to the fact that 20,124 people are on maternity leave, and 52,229 are on parental leave, while 306,163 people are listed as 'people in a household'. The data also show 231,731 unemployed and 8,465 recipients of capital income. According to divisions of the population based on their current economic activities, there are 1,056,637 pensioners (almost 20 percent of the total population), as well as 389,049 children who haven't yet started compulsory schooling, 506,353 primary school pupils, 176,307 secondary school students and 96,975 university students in Slovakia. The Statistics Office failed to find information regarding the economic activities of 115,740 citizens. In addition to economic activities, the extended data published by the Statistics Office relate to jobs, occupational status and individual sectors of economic activity. ko/df
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