MORNING NEWS HIGHLIGHTS - Sunday, July 3, 2022 - 9 a.m.

3. júla 2022 9:00
TASR brings a quick morning overview of the most important events seen in Slovakia on the previous day (Saturday, July 2): BRATISLAVA - More than 75 percent of Slovaks concur that the climate change is currently underway, with two-thirds perceiving its impacts in their everyday lives, it follows from a survey conducted by Masaryk University's Faculty of Social Studies in Brno and the 2050 Institute. The survey was carried out on a sample of 1,934 people. According to the results, about one third of the adults harbour concerns over the consequences of climate change. About 75 percent of Slovaks wish that industrial companies, businesses, the Government, politicians and mayors take a more active involvement in the climate protection. "Among these are mostly potential voters of OLaNO, SaS, We Are Family, Voice-SD, KDH, For the People and Progressive Slovakia," stated Institute 2050 director and environmental psychologist Jan Krajhanzl. The results revealed that more than 75 percent of Slovaks view favourably the economic support for renewable sources of energy, thermal cladding of buildings, construction of energy-efficient bulidings and elements for water retention in the country. BRATISLAVA - Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (OLaNO) took part in an event in Bratislava on Friday on the occasion of the Czech Republic officially taking over the presidency of the Council of the European Union with the motto "Europe as a Task", TASR learnt from ministry's spokeswoman Martina Koval Kakascikova. On this occasion, Nad confirmed the Defence Ministry's support in favour of the Czech Republic's agenda, the main topic of which is, naturally, the war in Ukraine. "The current security situation is a challenge that we didn't want. However, it's a reality created by Russia and we'll deal with it. The unity of the European community is therefore a vital interest, which, in contrast to the Russian aggression, means solidarity and determination to defend our values," said the Slovak defence minister. BRATISLAVA - Ukrainian refugees are no longer entitled to free travel in Slovakia without any limitations after July 1, Martin Petro of the Transport Ministry's communication department has told TASR, adding that the free use of public transport will be limited by the number of days since their arrival in the country. "Although we have made some restrictions, it still holds true that we are ready to help all those who are fleeing the war. Nor does it change the fact that Ukrainian children will be able to travel to school for free," said Transport Minister Andrej Dolezal (We Are Family) in connection with the changes. According to Dolezal, persons holding a Slovak Help document with a red stamp and a text in the Ukrainian language, which is issued after crossing the border, or holders of a certificate granting a temporary asylum status, are entitled to free transport. In line with new rules, holders of these documents can travel on trains and suburban buses in Slovakia only on the day of their acquisition and on the following four days. BRATISLAVA - A total of 884 people with a compromised immune system had had themselves vaccinated with a fourth COVID-19 jab by July 1, the National Health Information Centre has reported. Currently, there are five people in the electronic queue waiting for an appointment for vaccination with a fourth jab to be assigned to them, while a further 46 already have their appointment. Vaccination with booster COVID-19 shots is recommended for all immuno-compromised patients over 18 years of age. mf
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