French Ambassador: CoFoE Met Expectations, People Want EU to Get Closer to Them

29. júna 2022 17:31
Bratislava, June 28 (TASR) - French Ambassador to Slovakia Pascal Le Deunff called the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) an important feature of civic democracy and added that the people wish the EU to place more emphasis on climate policy, become closer to its citizens and engage in greater protection of borders and health. "It was a milestone moment for democracy in Europe because it has enabled its inhabitants to speak their minds," Le Deunff said about the importance of CoFoE at a meeting with journalists on Wednesday. The demand for climate protection, voiced at the CoFoE as well, already tops the EU agenda, with the people also wishing to enjoy better access to decision-making processes in the EU. Another important demand was greater industrial independence. "The pandemic showed us clearly that we have a problem. We can't produce what we need," claimed the ambassador, adding that it's necessary to re-industrialise Europe, a process that is already underway. France handed over the CoFoE results on May 9 to all EU institutions. "Now it's up to the Council, the European Commission and European Parliament to assess the outcomes of this conference and translate them into legislation or reality," added Le Deunff. mf/mcs
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