Klus: CoFoE Proposals Not Requiring Treaty Changes Need to Be Addressed First

22. júna 2022 20:00
Brussels, June 22 (TASR-correspondent) - There is a consensus in the European Union that those citizens' proposals from the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) that don't require changes to the Union's basic treaties should be addressed first, Slovak Foreign Affairs Ministry State Secretary Martin Klus stated following the EU General Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg on Tuesday. Some of the citizens' proposals call for revision of the treaties on the functioning of the EU. However, there are also many that do not require such changes. "We agreed that this is where we need to start in order to meet citizens' demands and to do it as fast as possible," Klus noted. He expressed his belief that if representatives of EU-member states manage to achieve success in regards to the proposals across the whole Union, there will also be a perspective for talks on the possibility of revising the basic treaties. According to him, Slovakia doesn't oppose the idea of updating the treaties, but the country doesn't want a change in the rules just for the sake of change. In this context, several European media have warned that agreement on revising and changing fundamental EU legislation will be a complicated process because it requires unanimous consent from all EU-member states, which currently isn't in sight. zel/bub/mcs/am
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