Foreign Affairs Ministry: Slovak-Swiss Relations Friendly and Correct

21. mája 2022 17:49
Bratislava/Bern, May 21 (TASR) - Relations between Slovakia and Switzerland are friendly and fair with the potential to develop in the economic and innovation fields, TASR was told by the Foreign Affairs Ministry's communications department in connection with President Zuzana Caputova's visit to Switzerland. "Contacts between the two countries take place at the political and expert levels. Cooperation is carried out within organisations such as the UN, OSCE and OECD," said the ministry, adding that Slovakia and Switzerland also cooperate in the consular sphere. According to the ministry, bilateral cooperation between the two countries has also intensified in the fields of innovation, education and research and through the passing on of Swiss experience in the field of dual education. "Switzerland's success as a world leader in economic competitiveness and innovation capacity is the result of an advanced knowledge-based economy and close cooperation between academic and private-sector research," stated the ministry. am/df/zel
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