Caputova: Camp Zilina Model Example of Well-functioning Aid System

14. apríla 2022 11:21
Zilina, April 14 (TASR) - Camp Zilina is a model example of a well-functioning aid system for people who have fled Ukraine for Slovakia after the war broke out, said President Zuzana Caputova following her visit to Zilina Camp and talks with figures from the region on Wednesday (April 13). "It left a very strong impression on me. There's the issue of human suffering on one hand. All the people who are there at the moment have experienced war. They didn't flee before it broke out, so they have painful stories. On the other hand, there was the positive emotion of so much good that has met there," said the president. She noted that plenty of volunteers and help from NGOs and the third sector have linked up with one local entrepreneur. "They've created an absolute model example of a well-functioning aid system. They provide transport from the Slovak-Ukrainian border to Zilina, assistance with accommodation, food, psychological assistance, language courses, child-care and help with arranging administrative matters at offices. It's an example of a professional and comprehensive approach that Zilina can be really proud of," said Caputova. ko/df
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