Man Enters Home and Extorts €10 from Couple with Knife

25. novembra 2021 13:32
Davidov, November 25 (TASR) - A 21-year-old man from the village of Davidov in Presov region is facing a seven to twelve-year sentence for extorting €10 from a local couple under the threat of violence, TASR learnt from Presov police skpokeswoman Jana Ligdayova on Thursday. Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, the young man allegedly banged on the couple’s locked bedroom door, demanding money. According to the police spokeswoman, the man threatened to kill the two people if they didn’t comply. In the end he kicked the door in, entered the room and asked for money while brandishing a knife. Fearing for her own and her husband’s life, the woman handed over €10. The attacker probably wasn’t pleased with this sum, as he repeated that he’d kill the couple and wreck the place. Police then arrived at the scene, and the young man was arrested and placed in a detention cell. A district prosecutor has charged him with robbery and threatening, filing a motion to remand him in custody. zel/df
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