SUMMARY - Thursday, November 25 - 1 p.m.

25. novembra 2021 12:59
NEW POSITIVE PCR TESTS: 10,165 Positive PCR tests in total: 641,903 Daily PCR tests: 30,620 NEW POSITIVE ANTIGEN TESTS: 2,063 Positive antigen tests in total: 477,208 Daily antigen tests: 33,819 NEW DEATHS: 51 Deaths in total: 14,107 BRATISLAVA - Doctors and representatives of local and regional governments have asked Parliament via a memorandum to suspend the planned reform of the hospital network in order to adjust it. BRATISLAVA - Head of the Slovak Retail Initiative Daniel Krakovsky has stated in reaction to the Government-approved lockdown that people’s movements will be reduced only minimally, as the lockdown shuts down only selected types of establishments and services. BRATISLAVA - President Zuzana Caputova, engaging in a campaign that puts the spotlight on eliminating violence against women, has encouraged women experiencing violence from their partners to seek help. BRATISLAVA - Extremists in Slovakia are sowing hatred and polarising society during the pandemic both on the streets as well as on social networks and conspiracy websites, Foreign Affairs Ministry State Secretary Martin Klus (SaS) warned on Wednesday at a discussion titled ‘The State of Manifestations of Extremism in Slovakia and the World and the Risks They Pose for the Development of Democracy’. BRATISLAVA - Equal access to the same quality medicines everywhere in the EU or the same level of quality health care for all EU citizens are among the topics discussed within the working group on health care at the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE). BRATISLAVA - The Defence Ministry is set to donate more than 2,100 decommissioned desktop computers dating back to 1994-2014 to the Roma Progress Zvolen civil association, aiming to contribute to the support of education, upbringing and awareness-raising activities concerning children and youngsters from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, TASR learnt from Defence Ministry spokeswoman Martina Koval Kakascikova on Thursday. zel
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