Kolikova Believes that Coalition Will Agree with We Are Family on All Reforms

17. októbra 2021 17:24
(Markiza, 'Na telo', October 17) Speaking on TV Markiza's politics talk show 'Na telo' (Tough Questions) on Sunday, Justice Minister Maria Kolikova said she will come up with the third version of the court map she prepared based on comments, believing it will be a compromise. Extra-parliamentary Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini claims that Kolikova is the only one from the coalition to support the reform and that she hasn't obtained the money from the budget for it. Kolikova believes that the coalition will agree with the We Are Family party on the judicial, health-care and national parks reforms. "It's important to continue in dialogue with [We Are Family leader] Boris Kollar, as well as other parties. There's a lot of work to be done on my part, too," she said. Pellegrini said that Kolikova should first approach people in regions and explain her reform to them. Anyway, he thinks that Slovakia should deal with energy and food prices, rather than the court map at the moment. According to Pellegrini, Hungary is testing Slovakia what it can afford vis-a-vis it. He declared that Voice-SD will support in Parliament bills that would protect the Slovak land against purchases from abroad. He could imagine the introduction of an option [to purchase land]. Kolikova stressed a need to prepare a good legislation in this regard and not to hasten it. Pellegrini recommends Slovakia's central bank (NBS) Governor Peter Kazimir to step down over the charges pressed against him, although he believes he hasn't committed the crime. He pointed to the fact that the charges against him have only been pressed based on Frantisek Imrecze's testimony. Pellegrini said he can hardly imagine returning to a government headed by Smer-SD chairman Robert Fico. ko
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