SUMMARY - Thursday, October 14, 2021 - 5 p.m.

14. októbra 2021 17:00
BRATISLAVA - According to the general government budget for 2022-24 that was approved by the Government on Thursday, total expenditure on agriculture should exceed €1.25 billion next year. BRATISLAVA - Parliament won't deal with the protection of Slovakia's farm and forest land at a special session on Thursday afternoon. BRATISLAVA - Five districts will be considered black (a third-degree warning)) according to the COVID-19 automaton as of next Monday (October 18), while 22 districts will be treated as dark red (a second-degree warning), 37 as red (a first-degree warning), 15 as orange (alert) and none as green (monitoring), the Government decided at its session on Thursday. BRATISLAVA - Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (an SaS nominee) announced on Thursday that he’s set to carry out notable adjustments concerning Slovakia’s network of representation offices across the world due to the fact that the Government hasn’t increased the budget for the Foreign Affairs Ministry, conceding that it’s possible some consulates will be shut down. BRATISLAVA - Jan Marosz is set to become the new head of the Slovak Land Fund (SPF), according to a resolution that was approved by the Government on Thursday. BRATISLAVA - Consumer prices grew 4.6 percent on a year-on-year (y-o-y) basis in September, which is the highest figure seen since November 2011, a whole ten years ago, with inflation being driven by higher prices of food, fuels and recently also school catering services following cuts in state financing of lunches at primary schools. BRATISLAVA - The epidemiological situation regarding novel coronavirus has worsened again compared to the previous week, head of Health Ministry's Health Analysis Institute Matej Misik said on Thursday. BRATISLAVA - Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Samuel Vlcan (OLaNO nominee) knows what to do regarding the procurement of Slovak lands by foreign entities and will address the subject in cooperation with experts, chief of Slovak diplomacy Ivan Korcok (SaS nominee) stated during a session of the Government on Thursday. BRATISLAVA - Salaries of health professionals next year could be increased so that the Slovak health care system is competitive with other countries, Health Minister Vladimir Lengvarsky (an OLaNO nominee) said on Thursday. BRATISLAVA - Defence spending for 2022 at 1.8 percent of GDP is a reasonable compromise, Defence Minister Jaroslav Nad (OLaNO) stated after the Government approved the draft budget for next year on Thursday, admitting, however, that defence expenditure of two percent of GDP is unlikely to be achieved in this electoral term. BRATISLAVA - There will never be enough money for culture, but my colleagues in the Government and I are aware of the need to husband public resources responsibly, Culture Minister Natalia Milanova (OLaNO) commented on the approved 2022 public budget and the expenditure allocated to culture after a session of the Government on Thursday. am
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