Milanova: There Will Never Be Enough Money for Culture

14. októbra 2021 16:28
Bratislava, October 14 (TASR) - There will never be enough money for culture, but my colleagues in the Government and I are aware of the need to husband public resources responsibly, Culture Minister Natalia Milanova (OLaNO) commented on the approved 2022 public budget and the expenditure allocated to culture after a session of the Government on Thursday. Milanova noted that the budgeting for cultural organisations will remain the same as in 2021. "The caps have been preserved. I consider even this a minor cause for celebration," she claimed. In 2022, the Culture Ministry is expected to see almost €425.5 million in its budget, which amounts to a year-on-year rise of about €33 million. mf/mcs
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