Dovera: Matovic's Statements About Cypriot Accounts Nothing But Pub Talk

13. októbra 2021 20:55
Bratislava, October 13 (TASR) - Scaring patients with public money being funneled to Cyprus is pub talk, private-owned health insurer Dovera claimed in response to Finance Minister Igor Matovic's (OLaNO) statements on Wednesday. In light of the latest tax prognosis, state policyholder payments are to be slashed by more than €232 million, with hospitals bound to provide less health care due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Matovic claimed earlier in the day. He added that financial resources allocated to this purpose will be suspended for the time being, otherwise private health insurers would have funnelled their profits into tax haven accounts and the ill would have been left with no money. According to Dovera's PR specialist Matej Stepiansky, Matovic is "well aware" of the fact that health insurance companies pay hospitals fixed-rate payments, regardless of the volume of health care provided. Hence, any postponing of health care over the pandemic means only that patients will see their state deteriorate and costs for their treatments balloon. mf
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