Pellegrini: Expert Working Group a Travesty of Rule of Law

20. septembra 2021 20:43
Bratislava, September 20 (TASR) - The expert working group that is supposed to address the situation gripping law enforcement is a travesty of the rule of law, Voice-SD leader Peter Pellegrini stated on Monday. In Pellegrini's view, extremely rushed changes to the legislation won't lead to the restoration of public trust in the rule of law but cause needless damage. "It's not necessary to change laws at every single instance when a problem arises. What's more important is to have key institutions led by decent people, who champion legality instead of politicking. And neither (Interior Minister) Roman Mikulec nor (Special Prosecutor) Daniel Lipsic are such people," said Pellegrini. The Voice-SD leader is particularly alarmed by the talk about bolstering powers of the Special Prosecutor's Office, which he views as the dangerous concentration of power. Pellegrini is convinced that Lipsic will always be more of a politician than a prosecutor. "If he gets even more power and shakes off any outside control over his actions, no person in Slovakia could be sure that their rights and freedoms will be respected," added Pellegrini. mf/mcs
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