Bitto Ciganikova: Talks on Health-Insurance Companies' Profits to Continue

27. júla 2021 16:43
Bratislava, July 27 (TASR) - The talks on regulating the profits of health-insurance companies should continue on Thursday, head of the parliamentary health committee Jana Bitto Ciganikova reported on Tuesday, adding that the introduction of regulatory measures should be implemented gradually. According to the MP, the profits of health-insurance companies should be conditioned by meeting a set of criteria, such as reducing cancer deaths and providing preventive check-ups, for instance. “If a health-insurance company meets the criteria, it should be entitled to a deserved profit. If the criteria aren’t met, the company shouldn’t be entitled to a profit because it hasn’t achieved the requested results. This is what has been proposed, and it’s been accepted very well,” claimed Bitto Ciganikova, adding that the process should take a longer period of time. Representatives of the Health and Finance Ministries, some members of the parliamentary health committee and Health-care Supervision Office (UDZS) head Renata Blahova concurred at a meeting on Monday that the profits for this type of company need to be regulated. zel/df
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