Matovic Saddened by Political Games Disintegrating 'For the People' Party

21. júla 2021 21:18
Bratislava, July 21 (TASR) - Finance Minister and OLaNO leader Igor Matovic is saddened by internecine political feud tearing asunder the fellow coalition 'For the People' party, as he believes that interests of the people are no longer being taken into account and the sole focus is placed on strengthening one faction in the party at the expense of the other. Matovic hopes that the faction centered around Justice Minister Maria Kolikova (For the People) will remember promises it has made to the people and support the governing coalition even after the balance of power in the party caucus tilts in its favour following the return of ex-state secretary Michal Luciak to Parliament. "I'm saddened by these political games. It seems to me that we're at each other's throats and no longer mindful of the interests of the people and Slovakia; we only care about one faction getting the upper hand. I hope this finally ends soon," said Matovic. As for the future representation of Kolikova's faction in coalition council talks, Matovic claimed that it's a two-pronged issue: Kolikova hasn't had and won't have a seat at the table in talks between party leaders, but she's likely to be present at negotiations between party representatives. mf
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