Poll: Voice-SD Remains in Lead on 21.6 percent, SaS and Smer-SD Follow

13. júna 2021 16:22
Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) - Had a general election taken place between June 2-9, it would have been won by the extra-parliamentary Voice-SD of former prime minister for Smer-SD Peter Pellegrini on 21.6 percent of the votes, ahead of the co-governing Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) on 12.8 percent and the opposition Smer-SD party on 12 percent, according to the results of a Focus agency poll presented by TV Markiza on Sunday. The main governing party OLaNO would have come fourth on 8.2 percent, ahead of the second-strongest coalition party We Are Family (7.6 percent), and extra-parliamentary parties Progressive Slovakia (6.3 percent), the Christian Democrats (KDH - 5.8 percent), and the ethnic-Hungarian party called Alliance (5.7 percent). The far-right People's Party Our Slovakia (LSNS) would have failed to get into the House, as it would have garnered only 4.8 percent. Other parties under the 5-percent threshold included Republic (4.6 percent), the smallest governing party For the People (3.4 percent), the Slovak National Party (SNS - 3.2 percent), Together - Civic Democracy (1.5 percent) and Good Choice (1.3 percent). The results of this hypothetical general election would have translated into 41 seats in Parliament for Voice-SD, 24 for SaS, 23 for Smer-SD, 15 for OLaNO, 14 for We Are Family, 12 for Progressive Slovakia, 11 for KDH, and ten for Alliance. am
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