Slovakia's Coronavirus Update for Saturday, June 12

13. júna 2021 15:28
Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) - Slovakia's coronavirus update for Saturday, June 12, according to the National Health Information Centre's (NCZI) special website and the Investment, Regional Development and Informatisation Ministry's website NEW POSITIVE PCR TESTS: 42 Positive PCR tests in total: 391,026 DAILY PCR TESTS: 2,516 PCR tests in total: 2,892,229 NEW POSITIVE ANTIGEN TESTS: 134 Positive antigen tests in total: 386,281 DAILY ANTIGEN TESTS: 47,263 Antigen tests in total: 36,320,065 NEW DEATHS: 3 Deaths in total: 12,439 IN HOSPITAL: 230 (-34) Confirmed COVID-19: 191 (-18) Intensive care: 21 (-3) Lung ventilation: 23 (+1) NEWLY VACCINATED (1st dose): 4,919 In total (1st dose): 1,866,304 NEWLY VACCINATED (2nd dose): 17,892 In total (2nd dose): 1,106,502 INACTIVE CASES IN TOTAL*: 704,280 (updated each Wednesday) * According to the Health Ministry, inactive cases indicate the number of people who have recovered from the infection, with or without symptoms. For people who weren't admitted into hospital, between two and four weeks have passed since their positive test, while six weeks have passed for people who were admitted into hospital with COVID-19. These numbers concern all infections with SARS-CoV-2, detected either by PCR or antigen tests. COVID deaths aren't included. am
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