SNS: Slovakia Could Be Sanctioned for Not Collecting Sputnik V as Agreed

8. apríla 2021 14:16
Bratislava, April 8 (TASR) - The non-parliamentary Slovak National Party (SNS) on Thursday warned that Slovakia might be financially sanctioned by the Russians for the delay in collecting the two million Sputnik V vaccines Bratislava has purchased from Moscow and that it actually might not see any further supplies of the jab, claiming that Slovakia misled Russia when it came to how and when it would collect the orders. "If Slovakia doesn"t collect Sputnik V in the contracted amounts, it will cause financial damage, and Igor Matovic will be directly responsible for it," claimed SNS, remarking that it"s no wonder that Matovic is heading for Moscow on Thursday. According to the party, Matovic is set to negotiate an addendum to the contract, a deferral of the collection of the order and mitigation of sanctions. SNS hopes that Matovic will be able to negotiate conditions that will allow Slovakia to avoid financial damage, while at the same time the country will preserve the hope that it can still receive supplies of the vaccine. The party at the same time maintained that Slovakia committed itself to using the vaccine when concluding the contract. zel/df
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