Voice-SD Presents Own Version of National Recovery Plan

23. februára 2021 13:58
Bratislava, February 23 (TASR) - The extra-parliamentary Voice-SD party on Tuesday once again criticised the Government for the lack of a public discussion on the national recovery plan, at the same time presenting its own, 30-page version of the recovery plan. Voice-SD head Peter Pellegrini explained that the document was drawn up by experts and his party, including him, and could serve as inspiration for the Government when it comes to the official recovery plan. Pellegrini claimed that if Government representatives like anything in Voice"s counter-version, they can use it, even though it"s not something they"ve come up with. Pellegrini noted that the document was prepared to meet all the requirements of the European Commission. It deals with the green economy, digitisation and modern technologies, while at the same time considering Slovakia"s needs. "We"re of the opinion that the recovery plan should be based on a third pillar," he said, explaining that besides the green economy and digitisation pillars, there should be another one dealing with society-wide solidarity, which isn't included in the Government"s plan. "We demand that a third pillar should be included so that Slovakia is lifted from the middle income trap, support for domestic businesses with innovative profiles at the local as well as regional level is increased and the regional dimension of recovery and transformation is bolstered with particular focus on agriculture, farmers, production of local food, support for family businesses, local energy, the food industry and so on," stated Pellegrini, adding that this should also concern culture and the creative industries. Voice's document is called 'A Healthy, Socially Just and Educated Slovakia' and is divided into four chapters. It can be found on the party"s website. As for the individual chapters, the Healthy Slovakia chapter explains how Voice would invest €1.5 billion of the €6 billion that the country is supposed to receive from the Next Generation EU fund in the health-care system and related matters. Meanwhile, the Modern and Socially Just Slovakia chapter deals with €1.8 billion, with the Educated Slovakia and Green Slovakia ones each using €1.5 billion. The party at the same time claimed that it will continue to release similar documents in the future, noting that a concept of Voice-SD's vision on rental housing will follow in a few weeks. zel/df
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