Heger: This Year a Crucial Moment of Economic Restart

13. januára 2021 21:25
Bratislava, January 13 (TASR) - This year will be crucial from the Finance Ministry's point of view as the year of economic restart and recovery in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Finance Minister Eduard Heger (OLaNO) said in his presentation of ministry plans on Wednesday. In addition, the ministry also charts a tax-levy reform and budgetary responsibility reform in its plans. "We want and must carry out changes to improve the lives of the people significantly," stated Heger, who will unveil the upcoming tax reform and submit it to public discussion soon. In Heger's view, the tax reform should motivate people to work. He intimated that the reform will cut work-related taxes and instead tax consumption and property more, while keeping an eye on environmental protection. Another important issue for the ministry is the pension system reform, as the system must be made long-term sustainable. Heger also attaches great importance to budgetary responsibility conception, as better budgetary rules should protect the state from irresponsible governments and economic default. mf/mcs
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