Blanar and Remisova Concurred: Conflicts of Gov't Members Don't Increase Trust

21. novembra 2020 20:01
(RTVS, 'Sobotne dialogy', November 21) Speaking on RTVS's talk show 'Sobotne dialogy' (Saturday Dialogues), Vice-premier and Investments, Regional Development and Informatisation Minister Veronika Remisova (For the People) and opposition parliamentary vice-chairman Juraj Blanar (Smer-SD) concurred that conflicts of government officials and wars of words on a social network don't contribute to trust in the Government and measures taken in connection with the novel coronavirus pandemic. Blanar pointed out the dissatisfaction of people with the Government and protests on November 17. Remisova doesn't reproach people for participating in the protests but politicians who invited them to do so. The deputy prime minister noted that the protesters endangered families, police officers and entire communities by not wearing face masks. She considers the politicians' calls for the participation to be irresponsible. She claims that they are gaining political capital from the situation instead of offering help. When asked whether the police intervention could have come earlier and more forcefully, she replied that the state of emergency was declared for the protection of health and not so that the police could intervene toughly against people. Blanar responded by saying that people need to be understood because they are angry at what the Government does and doesn't do. According to him, Smer-SD has been supporting the observance of basic measures since the very beginning. am
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