Korcok Signs Slovak-US Declaration on Security of 5G Networks

23. októbra 2020 10:06
Washington, October 22 (TASR) - Chief of Slovak diplomacy Ivan Korcok and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed a joint Slovak-US resolution on the security of 5G networks in Washington late on Thursday, TASR has learnt from the Foreign and European Affairs Ministry. "I signed this resolution on behalf of the Slovak Government first and foremost because of our own security. It's our decision because we're aware that the security of critical infrastructure is a key prerequisite in order to maintain control over it. Furthermore, we need to realise that the United States is key among the allies guaranteeing our defence, and the 5G security is a basic prerequisite for sharing information," stated Korcok. It is thought that 5G network technology is essential for providing modern services of key importance, but this is linked to the need to build relevant infrastructure accordingly. Hence, building 5G networks has not only technical and economic but also strategic security dimensions. Korcok and Pompeo also welcomed the launch of a so-called strategic dialogue between Bratislava and Washington, which is aimed at engaging in closer bilateral ties and cooperation in spheres of common interest, including security and defence, strategic communication and combating cyber threats and disinformation campaigns. mf/df
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