Matovic: Coalition Might Not Strike a Deal Before First Round of PG Vote

18. októbra 2020 18:30
(Markiza, 'Na telo', October 18) The governing coalition likely won't arrive at any agreement on the name of next Prosecutor-General before the first round of the vote, thus giving the legislators free rein to vote for their most preferred candidates, Prime Minister Igor Matovic (OLaNO) stated on TV Markiza's show 'Na telo' (Tough Questions) on Sunday. "Of course it would have been better if we had made a deal even before the first round, but seeing as the lawmakers on behalf of their political parties have already issued public statements and committed themselves (to individual candidates), a deal before the first round now would be elusive," said Matovic. He is glad that quality candidates are in the game and voiced hope that the coalition will throw its united support behind a single candidate before the second round. As for the mass testing of the Slovaks for COVID-19, Matovic envisions the mass participation to be voluntary, with rewards for those who take part in it. He claimed that he sees no reason for responsible people to pony up for the costs of medical care for COVID-19 deniers, who have downplayed the pandemic. The Prime Minister also plans to ask Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) and the Police Corps President whether the Saturday's (October 17) protest against the epidemiological measures in front of the Government's Office couldn't have been stopped already at the Bratislava Main Train Station. "Anyone who throws pavement stones at police officers on duty and endangers their lives deserves (to be on the receiving end of) a water cannon," added Matovic. mf
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