ZVLD: General Practitioners Support Mass Testing for COVID-19

18. októbra 2020 17:48
Bratislava, October 18 (TASR) - The Slovak General Practitioners Association (ZVLD) supports the plan to introduce mass testing of the Slovak population for COVID-19 with the use of antigen tests, TSAR learnt from ZVLD on Sunday. "The exponential growth rate in the number of COVID-19 positive cases concomitant with the rise in other respiratory infections in the autumn period call for systemic measures to prevent the introduction of more restrictions and even lockdown," reads the statement by ZVLD. ZVLD chair Jan Hencel claimed that GPs are currently extremely overburdened by the influx of patients, with COVID-19 communal spreading progressing at too fast a pace for the existing measures to slow it down efficiently. Hencel also called on patients to use the option of quick free-of-charge testing for COVID-19. mf
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