Interior Ministry: Protest by Ultras and Far-right Absolutely Irresponsible

17. októbra 2020 19:19
Bratislava, October 17 (TASR) - The Saturday's mass protest of ultras in front of the Government's Office was absolutely irresponsible, Petra Friese of the Interior Ministry told TASR on the same day. Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) posted on Facebook that the protesters won't escape justice. "It's really pathetic that at the time when the number of the infected with COVID-19 is on the alarming rise and the state of emergency is in effect, with the ban on gathering, there are still people who respect none of that," pointed out Mikulec. He added that the protest lacked substance and its only aim was to provoke, a pitiful demand of the ultras and far-right to attract attention. Mikulec thanked the police officers for their "fantastic work". "No, don't let us get provoked. We won't play their primitive game, as their only goal is to start a brawl and get into a fight," he added. Hundreds of ultras protested against the epidemiological measures earlier in the day in front of the Government Office, demanding the ouster of Prime Minister Igor Matovic. The protesters were kicking the gate of the Government Office and throwing flares over it, even injuring themselves when one of them tossed a flare among the densely-packed crowd. The riot police unit used tear gas and water cannon to disperse the mob. On its Facebook page, the police pointed out that the illegal protest was held despite the state of emergency, when any gathering with more than six participants is banned. "The site where ultra-right radicals gathered has become a health and security risk," reads the post. mf
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