MORNING NEWS HIGHLIGHTS - Sunday, August 2, 2020 - 9 a.m.

2. augusta 2020 9:10
TASR brings a quick morning overview of the most important events seen in Slovakia on the previous day (Saturday, August 1): NEW CORONAVIRUS INFECTIONS: 45 Infections in total: 2,337 DAILY TESTS: 2,884 Tests in total: 264,446 NEW DEATHS: 0 Deaths in total: 29 BRATISLAVA - Environment Minister Jan Budaj (OLaNO) is set to file a criminal complaint regarding his findings about the operations of the Environmental Fund, TASR learnt on Saturday from the Environment Ministry. The ministry explained that an audit has revealed that some employees of the fund instigated various mayors to knowingly submit false information concerning projects financed from the fund"s grant schemes. "If mayors refused to fill in untrue information, they weren"t granted subsidies. So far, we"ve found out three such cases, with the amount of the provided subsidies reaching €100.378," stated the ministry. BRATISLAVA - The hearing of candidates for the post of prosecutor-general can"t take place sooner than early November, head of the parliamentary constitutional committee Milan Vetrak (OLaNO) has stated. "Given that the president has vetoed the bill aimed at changing the way in which the prosecutor-general is elected, we"ll have to deal with her objections at the session slated for September. After that, taking into account all legal time limits, we can carry out the hearing of candidates at the earliest in November," stated Vetrak for TASR, remarking that Slovakia needs a functional prosecutor"s office as soon as possible. BRATISLAVA - The citizens of Belarus deserve a free presidential election, Slovak Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korcok (an SaS nominee) has stated, adding that the upcoming election in the country is giving cause for concern, as several presidential candidates have been imprisoned. "Despite this, we"re witnessing an unprecedented mass mobilisation at pre-election gatherings. Meanwhile, the repression against political activists is still taking place. Some 1,200 activists have been detained in connection to peaceful election events. The reaction of the state"s authorities to peaceful assembly and expression is far from a fair democratic competition," stated Korcok for TASR. The minister expressed his solidarity with Belarusians, wishing them that they can exercise their voting right in an untampered democratic election. BRATISLAVA - Various representatives of the coalition have concurred that the use of fast-track proceedings in Parliament was justified given the coronacrisis. The Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) party stated that it believes that all proposals for fast-track proceedings were justified, even though it wasn"t equally obvious in all cases. "We"re convinced that the extreme impacts of the pandemic haven"t appeared yet and so the efforts of the Cabinet and Parliament to minimise them might have sometimes seemed as inappropriate," stated SaS MP Alojz Baranik, who"s of the opinion that unprecedented situations call for swift and decisive action. "The activity of Parliament reflected the unprecedented situation and the Government had to react to it. If Parliament had made use of the usual system, a catastrophe would have occurred," reacted We Are Family. zel
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