For the People to Elect New Party Head on August 8

1. augusta 2020 19:06
Bratislava, August 1 (TASR) - The coalition For the People party is set to elect its new head at a congress due to be held on August 8. So far, the only candidates for the post are party Vice-premier and party vice-chair Veronika Remisova, and MP and member of the party leadership Miroslav Kollar. Party vice-chair and MP Juraj Seliga is considering running as well, but he hasn"t announced his final decision yet. The winner of the congress vote will replace ex-president Andrej Kiska at the helm. He"s announced in the meantime that he doesn"t intend to defend his post. Both Remisova and Kollar have been supported by various party delegates at several regional congresses that have taken place up to this point. Ever since Kiska withdrew from politics due to health reasons, Remisova has been acting as the party leader in his stead. Kiska at the same time personally supported Remisova"s candidacy in the media, which surprised several members of the party, as they viewed it as "the coronation" of Remisova. Remisova stated that she appreciates Kiska"s support, claiming that her aim is to make the voices of regions be heeded within the party. Kollar"s goal is to transform For the People into a party that will have a stable position on the political scene. zel
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