MORNING NEWS HIGHLIGHTS - Saturday, August 1, 2020 - 9 a.m.

1. augusta 2020 9:14
TASR brings a quick morning overview of the most important events seen in Slovakia on the previous day (Friday, July 31): NEW CORONAVIRUS INFECTIONS: 27 Infections in total: 2,292 DAILY TESTS: 2,176 Tests in total: 261,562 NEW DEATHS: 1 Deaths in total: 29 BRATISLAVA - President Zuzana Caputova on Friday vetoed a bill aimed at changing the way in which the prosecutor-general and special prosecutor are selected, stating that she believes parts of the amendment are unconstitutional. Caputova said that if Parliament overrides this veto, she'll file a motion with the Constitutional Court. BRATISLAVA - President Zuzana Caputova on Friday refused to ink a bill allowing the Public Health Office to obtain data from mobile-phone operators in order to track people who have visited so-called 'red countries' and fine them up to €5,000 if they don't go into quarantine. BRATISLAVA - The parliamentary defence and security committee on Friday didn"t adopt any resolution regarding the case of Lukas Kyselica"s involvement with Military Intelligence, as committee member Gabor Grendel (OLaNO) objected that the committee isn"t competent to deal with the matter, with committee chair Juraj Krupa (OLaNO) agreeing with him. Meanwhile, opposition committee members, who initiated the session, complained that the committee wasn"t allowed to carry out the session behind closed doors, which prevented them from asking Kyselica relevant questions. As a result, they signalled that they will initiate a probe of the special parliamentary committee supervising Military Intelligence. Kyselica stated after the session that he intends to return to Parliament as an MP. PEZINOK - I"m no saint, but I"m no murderer either, controversial businessman Marian K. stated on Friday in his closing speech at the trial of those who stand accused of ordering and carrying out the murders of journalist Jan Kuciak and his girlfriend Martina Kusnirova. PEZINOK - According to the closing speech of defendant Alena Zs. given on Friday at the trial of those who stand accused of ordering and carrying out the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak, the original orderer of the hit was Zoltan Andrusko, who falsely accused Marian K. of the murder. She added that she"s convinced she"ll be found guilty despite the fact she feels innocent. zel
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