SUMMARY-Tuesday-June 30, 2020 - 10 p.m.

30. júna 2020 22:00
BRATISLAVA - Across-the-board plagiarism check of all bachelor, master and doctoral theses won't yield the desired effect, think representatives of the Research and Technical Universities Association (V7). KOSICE - U.S. Steel Kosice has failed to arrive at a deal on a new collective agreement for the next four years with trade unionists and the current contract is set to expire on Tuesday, U.S. Steel Kosice spokesman Jana Baca told TASR on the same day. BRATISLAVA - The decision on which non-EU countries will be cleared for travel to Slovakia will be made in Slovakia, based on recommendations from the central crisis team and epidemiologists, chief of diplomacy Ivan Korcok (a SaS nominee) said on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - The governing coalition is drafting a new system for the police chief's election, Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) announced at a press conference on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - Slovak Technical University's (STU) Academic Senate will convene for an extraordinary session on Monday, July 13, to hold a vote on ousting dean of Faculty of Informatics and Information Technologies Ivan Kotuliak, STU chancellor Miroslav Fikar announced on a social network on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - Opposition Smer-SD vice-chair Juraj Blanar emphatically rejects any efforts by the governing coalition to politicise the Police Corps, TASR learnt on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - The decision of Milan Lucansky to tender his resignation as police chief is the beginning of Police Corps' cleansing, OLaNO caucus head Michal Sipos told TASR on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - Milan Lucansky has results under his belt that the Police Corps accomplished under his leadership, ex-interior minister Denisa Sakova (2018-20) stated on Tuesday. BRATISLAVA - Outgoing police chief Milan Lucansky likely hasn't had confidence from Interior Minister Roman Mikulec and such a trust is essential for any future collaboration, Freedom and Solidarity (SaS) caucus head Anna Zemanova stated on Tuesday. mf
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