Sulik Wants to Use Geothermal Energy Below Kosice

29. júna 2020 21:02
Kosice, June 29 (TASR) - The Economy Ministry will address the issue of putting the geothermal energy in the vicinity of Kosice to use, Economy Minister Richard Sulik (SaS) promised in his meeting with Kosice Mayor Jaroslav Polacek on Monday. Geothermal drilling took place at three sites between the villages of Durkov, Bidovce, Svinica and Olsovany in 1998-99. The original plan envisioned the use of the hot water to heat households, industrial enterprises or schools, but the project has been in the doldrums since the end of the 20th century. Monday's talks between Sulik and Polacek re-kindle hope of progress, said the city authority. "I had no clue that Kosice can utilise hot water lying in the depths of the earth, at a spot only a few kilometres away. There's enough of it, too, but all hinges on the collaboration between Kosice-based heat company (TEKO) and SPP [gas utility], both of which are under the aegis of the Economy Ministry. This is a field where I can and want to help," said Sulik. The mayor added that Kosice enjoys the advantage of being situated atop one of the most abundant geothermal zones in Slovakia and it's a great waste not tapping into it. "All we were hearing before were excuses why this can't be done. Twenty years later, there are even new technologies available that can make the use of geothermal energy even more efficacious," thinks the mayor. mf/mcs
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