Analyst: Debt Relief for Hospitals One of Biggest Failures in Health Care

13. júna 2020 20:13
Bratislava, June 13 (TASR) - I consider the process of debt relief for hospitals by the previous government to be one of the biggest failures in the health care sector, Dusan Zachar, an analyst at the Institute for Economic and Social Reforms (INEKO), said in an interview with TASR, adding that the debt relief has not met any of the declared objectives that debt-free public hospitals will no longer operate with a loss and will not generate new overdue debts. According to the analyst, the opposite has become a reality. Zachar pointed out that last year the pace of running into debts by state hospitals accelerated the most over the past years, which, in his words, is a textbook example of the so-called moral hazard. "The government's concept of debt relief for medical facilities has turned into scrap paper. Hospitals' recovery plans have remained secret, so the public couldn't press for them to be met and for public finances, that is the money of all of us, to be used effectively," he said. According to the INEKO analyst, he doesn't know that the sanction mechanism described in the concept would apply in the case of non-compliance with hospitals' recovery plans, that is he didn't notice any freezing of salary increases above the statutory minimum level, impossibility of drawing additional funds for debt relief, dismissing directors or a sanction fine. "A huge problem with the stability and predictability of health care funding is that the debt relief is becoming a regular instrument for the ongoing funding of poorly run state and some regional hospitals," said Zachar, adding that if this practice doesn't stop, state managers and politicians will never be motivated to change their patterns of behaviour. am
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