SUMMARY-Wednesday-March 25, 2020 - 10 p.m.

25. marca 2020 22:00
BRATISLAVA - New Education, Science, Research and Sport Minister Branislav Grohling (Freedom and Solidarity/SaS) met President Zuzana Caputova on Wednesday to discuss in particular the current situation in the school system, how to address it but also how best to help teachers, parents and pupils so that the emergency situation has the least impact on the educational process, TASR learnt on the same day. BRATISLAVA - Having enough artificial lung ventilation devices may decide in the coming weeks on how Slovakia will manage the medical situation in connection with the expansion of the new coronavirus and that is why the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava, together with the Matador Group, have started to develop a prototype of a medical ventilator, TASR learnt from STU spokesman Fedor Blascak. BRATISLAVA - A red hospital for patients with COVID-19 will be set up in the infectious diseases ward of Ladislav Derer Hospital in Bratislava's borough of Kramare, TASR learnt from Bratislava University Hospital (UNB) spokesperson Eva Kliska. BRATISLAVA - The Republican Union of Employers (RUZ) is seriously concerned that the Government has still not put in place major measures to mitigate the impacts of the new coronavirus on entrepreneurs, with thousands of employers, small businesses and sole traders expecting immediate and vigorous measures, RUZ said on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - Interior Minister Roman Mikulec (OLaNO) met on Wednesday with Bratislava Mayor Matus Vallo to discuss how to best stop the new coronavirus from spreading, TASR learnt from the ministry's social network website on the same day. BRATISLAVA - Hospitals are preparing for more patients with COVID-19, some wards will be gradually transformed into so-called red pavilions and, in the most emergency scenario, the whole health-care facility will be transformed into a so-called COVID-hospital, TASR learnt from spokeswoman for the Health Ministry Zuzana Eliasova on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - The Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport will be granted power to amend the dates of school admittance tests, elementary school pupil registrations and leaving exams outside of dates stipulated by the legislation in specific situations, as President Zuzana Caputova signed an amended education bill into law on Wednesday. BRATISLAVA - A total of 74 tonnes of medical material from China was transported to Slovakia on Wednesday, TASR learnt from Leon Zazrivy of the Defence Ministry press department on the same day. BRATISLAVA - Parliament approved an amendment to the Social Insurance Act in a fast-tracked procedure to help people in the crisis caused by the new coronavirus epidemic, TASR learnt on Wednesday. am
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